Maike Albersmeier

Apprentice as Machine and Equipment Operator

Since 2015, Maike Albersmeier is an apprentice as a machine and equipment operator at the Warsteiner Brewery. This two-year apprenticeship program requires technical know-how as well as a genuine interest in machines. As a full member of the team, Maike is making sure that the bottling facility is working like clockwork. After completing her apprenticeship, Maike is considering adding another year of training to graduate as a food technician.

What makes you so enthusiastic about your job at Warsteiner?

I would like to stay in the region, and this apprenticeship in one of the most modern breweries has a great appeal for me. Our production machines are state-of-the-art technology. As soon as new innovations emerge, we try them here at Warsteiner. I am thrilled to be able to pursue all my interests under one roof.

What is important for you in your work?

It is important for me to receive a great all-around training. Every day, I am responsible as an apprentice machine & equipment operator for very expensive machinery. I am quite proud that they trust me with these tasks and that my colleagues support my efforts. Plus, it helps that the theoretical training I receive in the vocational school is perfectly integrated into my apprenticeship.

What is important for you in your work environment?

The majority of my colleagues are men. I am happy that as a woman I am fully accepted and recognized. We are a team in charge of delivering our Warsteiner beers from the filling plant in the best quality every day. We can only do this together!