Mild, Well-Balanced Pilsener – A Strong Brand

The flagship of the Warsteiner Brewery is the popular and renowned Warsteiner Premium Verum – a mild, well-balanced beer brewed in the pilsener style. The pilsener with its top quality ingredients and particularly soft brew water as well as the premium brand strategy, which has been consequently pursued by the company for decades form the most important equity of the brand: The trust of customers and consumers. Based on this premise, the company continues to develop the Warsteiner brand while at the same time complementing its portfolio in segments promising long-term success. For instance, Warsteiner is also available as the double-hopped Warsteiner Herb as well as an isotonic thirst quencher for sports and leisure with products such as Warsteiner Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic), Warsteiner Herb non-alcoholic, and Warsteiner Radler non-alcoholic. Warsteiner Radler Zitrone (lemon) and Grapefruit are 100% natural and free of color additives and preservatives. The Warsteiner brand portfolio is further complemented with the beer mix beverage Warsteiner Lemon and the Christmas holiday beer Warsteiner Weihnacht (seasonal product).

More about the Warsteiner brand: www.warsteiner.de