The Warsteiner Group

»The Warsteiner Group is one of the oldest and most renowned brewery conglomerates in Germany and was founded in 1753.«

The core competence of the family enterprise focuses on the art of brewing beer. In addition to the Warsteiner Brewery, the Herforder Brewery, the Frankenheim Brewery, a holding in the König Ludwig Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg and the Paderborner Brewery are part of the Warsteiner Group. The Warsteiner Group rose to fame with its flagship brand Warsteiner whose smooth taste and top quality contribute to the uniqueness of this beer brewed in the pilsener style.

Today, the portfolio of the group covers a wide spectrum of great beers and popular brands – ranging from regional to international, from entry level to premium. In addition, the Warsteiner Group maintains sales partnerships, licensing agreements and cooperations with partner breweries around the world.

Company Strategy

»The Warsteiner Group is today one of the most successful owner-managed brewery groups in Germany.«

We want to keep this position and further expand by growing market share with high quality products and services, effective sales efforts and innovative marketing. To reach these goals, we continuously work on technical optimization, rely on solid financials and focus on long-term planning.

Business Sectors

In addition to the beverage production, the core business areas of the Warsteiner Group include the logistics sector as well as the distribution of beverages and the international business. With our brands and locations in the Sauerland region as well as eastern Westphalia, Rhineland and Bavaria, we maintain our regional connections. Furthermore, we are active worldwide as partners in gastronomy and trade. The Warsteiner Group stands for enjoyment and hospitality, for German brewing tradition and innovative brand strategies.


Faced with ever shrinking resources and dwindling energy reserves, we understand sustainability as a key responsibility. For this reason, we use our raw ingredients efficiently and optimize our consumption with continuous technical innovations.

Furthermore, we save energy by rerouting the industrial waste heat from the brewing process and use alternative energy sources like our block heating power plant. In the logistics area, we save fuel as well as reducing CO2 and other harmful emissions by increasingly moving the transport away from the roads onto rail. With wind energy from our wind turbine installation on brewery grounds, we cover annually 40% of our electricity at the Paderborn location.


As a good corporate citizen, the Warsteiner Group assumes responsibilities in business and society. In the tradition of brewers, we champion for the preservation of the cultural asset of beer and the responsible enjoyment of alcohol. As employer and business partner, we are committed to respectful and fair interactions with our fellow human beings. As beneficiaries of the purity of our natural resources and the availability of renewable resources, we understand sustainability not as a fashionable concept but as the natural foundation of our business conduct.

Warsteiner Brewery

Family Tradition Since 1753

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Family Tradition Since 1753

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König Ludwig Schloßbrauerei Kaltenberg

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