Hubertus Bräutigam

Head of Accounting of the Warsteiner Brewery

Hubertus Bräutigam started his career in 1983 as a commercial apprentice at the Warsteiner Brewery. After several positions in the finance department and additional training, Hubertus became the head of accounting in September 2007. Born in Warsteiner, Hubertus has deep roots in this region and is an active member of the Hirschberger Soccer Club where he regularly is on the pitch challenging his Warsteiner colleagues for bragging rights. Hubertus is a real Warsteiner institution!

What makes you so enthusiastic about your job at Warsteiner?

I feel totally happy, because I am able to live this feeling of attachment to both a region and a company in such a great way. It motivates me to start projects and successfully see them through to completion. I am grateful to the brewery that they always supported and promoted me in my career. This is not just a job, but –just like with my favorite soccer club, BVB Dortmund – true love!

What is important for you in your work?

Work is not just a means to make money. Ideally, it should grow out of conviction and joy. Because in the end, only then are you content and fulfilled in your job. When I finally see success after a long project working with a great team, that’s the best for me.

What is important for you in your work environment?

As someone from Warstein, tradition and regional roots are very important to me. We live and work here for more than 260 years with the brewery, just like large family. It is very important to us, and also for me personally, to actively integrate our colleagues who moved here from other areas.