Nur Kesgin-Sasse

Brand Director of the Warsteiner Brewery

Nur Kesgin-Sasse began her professional career as Marketing & Sales Trainee at Nestlé Deutschland AG. Afterwards, she moved to Capri Sun AG, where she held several positions, most recently as Senior Marketing Manager Global in charge of the Capri-Sonne brand. Since 2015, Nur is Brand Director of the Warsteiner Brewery and responsible for the Warsteiner flagship brand. Her multi-cultural roots enrich both her colleagues and the cosmopolitan appeal of our Warsteiner brand.

What makes you so enthusiastic about your job at Warsteiner?

The Warsteiner brand reflects an entrepreneurial success story like few others. This brand has everything that you need to be successful: outstanding employees, excellent production facilities, a high brand recognition and a global distribution network. To work at Warsteiner presented a fantastic opportunity that I just had to take.

What is important for you in your work?

The overall conditions must fit and the tasks must be exciting. But also the support of the team as well as the spirit of the company should inspire top-notch performance. And finally, the individual perspective for professional growth opportunities is an important criterion for a long-term cooperation. Warsteiner offers all of that.

What is important for you in your work environment?

It is very important for me not to lose sight of the big picture. Therefore, the constant exchange with my colleagues is a vital element. Everyone has other tasks and different perspectives and only by combining them do we achieve an informative overall picture. When we, as a team, work together with purpose and vision, we create the foundation for success. I have met people here who share these perspectives and share the path. This is what counts for me!