Work culture

Work/Life Balance

Changing influences and factors on the job, legal requirements, and increasing expectations in your personal life contribute to a growing level of stress for mind and body. Considering these stress factors together with social challenges and demographic changes, programs geared towards a constructive work/life balance become increasingly important – requiring a comprehensive approach that takes job-specific as well as external influences into consideration.

Health Management

The Warsteiner Brewery has become the first company in the German food industry to receive the TÜV-certificate DIN SPEC 91020 for its internal health management. This certificate was developed in 2011 by the DIN (German Standards Institute) and the B•A•D GmbH in Berlin. It stipulates that companies develop and adhere to their internal framework and structures in such a way that they are able to promote the long-term health and performance of their employees. In accordance with these requirements, the Warsteiner Brewery systematized its health management and embedded it into the existing work processes. For instance, management participates in training sessions about “Health at the Work Place” to facilitate the responsible interaction with employees. This includes conversations with employees early on about their health status to avoid long-term illnesses, check on support options for recovery, and to prevent potential relapses. Many employee-oriented measures to promote health, such as company fitness courses and nutrition classes for employees, complement these offerings.

Leisure and Culture

Warstein and its surroundings offer a variety of opportunities to enjoy your free time. Whether you are interested in sports, culture or nature, you will surely find something matching your interests
Information about the town of Warstein, recreation opportunities as well as relevant information for families, are located on the homepage of the town of Warstein: (Website in German)

The Sauerland region offers more than just mountains. World market leaders and internationally active companies have their home in the Sauerland. Strong mid-sized companies are the driving force behind an economically strong Sauerland. As a member of the “Initiative Homebase Sauerland,“ we are committed to offer young people a closer connection to the traditional economic landscape of the Sauerland. For more information, see

The entire region surrounding Warstein has many attractions: Lake Möhne, Lake Henne, Sauerland, Olsberg, Willingen and Winterberg. In close proximity, you will find the college town Paderborn, Lippstadt (the “Venice” of Westphalia) and the old hanseatic city of Soest.

Education and Housing

Besides kindergarten and daycare operated by various providers, Warstein offers the following schools: elementary, special needs, secondary I/II, high school and open all-day school. For more information, see (Website in German)

You work for us in Warstein and are looking for housing in the area? You are welcome to stay in our boarding house, and we will gladly support you in your search for an apartment or house. Please contact us:

Corinna Kyewski
Abt. Human Resources
Tel.: +49 (2902) 88 13 84

Ulrike Risse
Abt. Human Resources
Tel.: +49 (2902) 88 1811