Joining the Warsteiner Group


The Warsteiner Group offers young people ten different apprenticeships and two work/study programs

The Warsteiner Group offers young people ten different apprenticeships and two work/study programs:

»Marketing Communications Specialist (m,w)«
»Industrial Clerk (m,w)«
»Mechatronics Technician (m,w)«
»Electronics Technician for Industrial Systems (m,w)«
»Machine and Equipment Operator (m,w)«
»Chemical Lab Technician (m,w)«
»Brewer and Maltster (m,w)«
»Warehouse Logistics Specialist (m,w)«
»IT Specialist for Application Development (m,w)«
»IT Specialist for System Integration (m,w)«.

In our own training workshop, we help our apprentices and trainees to further understand the training material and to practically implement this knowledge. The degree programs »Economics (m,w)« and » Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)« Engineering (m,w) at the University for Applied Science in Meschede (Fachhochschule Meschede) are available in parallel to the apprenticeship program. After seven semesters, our graduates receive the academic degree »Bachelor of Arts,« or after nine semesters, the academic degree »Bachelor of Engineering.« Since 1966, a total of 366 apprentices have completed their job training at the Warsteiner Brewery.

Our apprentices are regularly winners of the “Best of” Award of the Industry and Trade Chamber Arnsberg (IHK Arnsberg), which honors the best candidates in an award ceremony. Due to the frequency with which the graduates of the Warsteiner apprenticeship program are decorated, it is known in the region that the Warsteiner Brewery not only trains its apprentices well and competently, but also generates life perspectives and careers: 40% of the apprentices/trainees since 2002 are employees at the brewery. Regardless of their personal and professional development, we offer all apprentices the opportunity to earn their first concrete professional job experience during a 6-month transition phase that starts right after successfully passing their examinations.

We believe that Germany – the land of innovations and ideas – can only continue to evolve as a business location through a lively dialog between science and business.

Consequently, we strive to actively promote and support this exchange. For us, linking theory and practice as well as fostering a close relationship with science and young scientists are of great importance. On the one hand, this exchange is crucial for incorporating input from the science community into our business activities, and on the other hand, it allows for feedback from the business sector to circle back to the science community which creates a win-win situation for the company, the students and academia.

 Some Insight Into Our Activities:

We have internships available in many different fields of study.

We mentor and support students during their preparation of their Bachelor and Master degree thesis.

We support our employees during their part-time university studies.

Our specialists give lectures on specific topics at universities.

In cooperation with the University of Paderborn, we develop concrete tasks and responsibilities with regard to business practices and technological developments.