Our Locations

So, you think Warsteiner stands for Warstein?

Not completely true! Of course, the headquarters of the Warsteiner Brewery are in Warstein. But the Warsteiner Group also operates locations in the cities of Paderborn, Düsseldorf, Herford and Kaltenberg, but take a look for yourself . . .

The Warstein location includes production facilities situated on the outskirts of Warstein in the Waldpark where the entire product range of the Warsteiner brand is produced, filled and eventually shipped out. In close proximity to the brewery, you will find the technical administration offices, while the general administration is located in the center of Warstein. Next to the general administrative building is the “Creaktiv Center”, where the creative heads of the marketing department are active. Besides being the production location, Warstein is also headquarters of the Warsteiner Group with all its corporate divisions, in particular its administration. In total, about 630 employees are working at the group’s headquarters.

The Paderborn location currently has a staff of 90 employees, who in addition to the regional premium brands Paderborner Gold, Weissenburg Pilsener and Isenbeck Premium Pilsener, also brew and fill the classic Paderborner Pilsener. This location is particularly attractive with its excellent access to the German highway system.

The brew pub on Wieland Street in downtown Düsseldorf, headquarters of the Frankenheim Brewery, is a common meeting place for all fans of the beer with the falcon – the logo of the Frankenheim Brewery. Immediately next to this popular pub are the administrative offices of the brewery.

In the heart of Bavaria, about 40 kilometers west of Munich, you will find Castle Kaltenberg, residence of His Royal Highness Luitpold Prince of Bavaria and one of the last authentic castle breweries. Castle Kaltenberg is the original location of this brewery with its office buildings bordering the castle garden. The modern brew location in Fürstenfeldbruck, which also houses the bottling plant, today produces the majority of the beer including the entire wheat beer assortment and also serves as the administrative headquarters of the brewery.

Founded 130 years ago, the Herforder Brewery with its location in Hiddenhausen is the most significant brewery in eastern Westphalia. The entire portfolio of the Herforder brand is produced here.

Warsteiner International
Not only is our beer enjoyed in every corner of the world, our employees are working worldwide for the Warsteiner Group. We provide many opportunities near and far to actively participate in the success of our company by offering attractive positions in great locations around the world. The headquarters of the Warsteiner Group in Warstein also serves as the headquarters of Warsteiner International.

Facts & Figures

Warsteiner Brewery, founded in 1753, is one of the largest private breweries in Germany. Its flagship is the WARSTEINER Premium Verum brand, one of the most popular beer brands in all of Germany. In addition to the Warsteiner Brewery, the Paderborner Brewery (Paderborner, Isenbeck, Weissenburg), the Herforder Brewery (Herforder Pilsener), the Frankenheim Brewery (Frankenheim Alt) and a holding in the König Ludwig Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg (König Ludwig Dunkel, König Ludwig Weissbier, König Ludwig Hell) are part of the Warsteiner Group. The Warsteiner Group now sells its products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The Warsteiner Brewery has its headquarters in the Westphalian Sauerland region in Germany and is family-owned. Today, the company is managed in the ninth generation by Catharina Cramer.

Technical Highlights

The Warsteiner Brewery belongs to the most modern breweries in Europe. As recently as 2015 with a volume of more than ten million Euro, one of the technologically most advanced bottle sorting plants was opened. By investing in this sorting facility, the family-operated company takes a stance for an ecologically sustainable commitment to reusability as well as a commitment to the location of its headquarter in Warstein.

One of the pioneering projects of the brewery, the block heat power plant came online at the end of 2009 in Warstein. This block heat power plant delivers a total output of 2.3 megawatts of thermal and electric energy, covering the basic consumption of the production facilities. The plant produces an impressive efficiency rating of 87 percent. That means: 87 percent of its initial primary energy (natural gas) is converted into heat and electricity. In comparison: Central power plants are 40 to 50 percent efficient. This unusually high energy efficiency of the block heat power plant stems from the coupling of power and heat. The heat is used by the brewery as process heat for a variety of applications. Another option available with the block heat power plant is operating with bio-mass, a by-product of the production process. Bio-mass for the production of gas – namely spent grains or brewer’s grain – are readily available at the Warsteiner Brewery. A proprietary bio gas plant can be built on the brewery’s grounds. What applies to the Warsteiner Brewery is also used within the Warsteiner Group; for instance, since 2011, the grounds of the Paderborner Brewery are home to a wind turbine, capable of supplying about 40% of the annual energy requirements of the brewery. Moving forward, the Warsteiner Brewery is committed to a sustainable positive development of the company, the quality of the jobs as well as to the environment. Hereby, state-of-the-art production technology and logistics are essential factors for a future-oriented approach in the 21st century.