Michael Thon

Brewer and Maltster of the Warsteiner Brewery

Since 1985, Michael Thon has worked at Warsteiner in the Waldpark Brewery. After a three year apprenticeship as brewer & maltster, he worked in several capacities and was elected to the Workers Council a few years ago. Now he has found his passion: For the past several years, Michael has been working in the brewery-owned Brew Academy in the areas of research and product development.

What makes you so enthusiastic about your job at Warsteiner?

In the Brew Academy, I have the opportunity to try something new every day. Again and again, I am inspired when I have the chance to work on transforming an initial idea into a new Warsteiner beer.

What is important for you in your work?

Personally, it is a feeling that I would not call work. It is the passion for the job that gives me satisfaction and makes me happy. I did not expect that when I first started my job 30 years ago.

What is important for you in your work environment?

On the one side, it is the collegial atmosphere, actually real friendships that developed over the years among our close-knit circle of co-workers. On the other side, it is the internationality of our Warsteiner Group, which promotes a real international mindset and offers exciting challenges that take you beyond the proverbial rim of your teacup.